Feathered Postcards

Each month I have a variety of postcards to make.I am a member of 2 international postcard groups – FMQ Postcard Fun and Challenges and Postcards From Around the World – both on facebook and, for non-facebook users http://postcardsroundtheworld.wordpress.com/.

The theme this month for the FMQ group is a tutorial from Diane Gaudyinski (https://twitter.com/#!/dianegaudynski), to stitch one of her wonderful echo feather plumes. Now it has taken me a long time to master free motion quilting, but it really has been the case for me that practice in the only way to get there, so I take any and every opportunity to keep at it. This theme was a real challenge for me, so I turned to the sketch book first of all to get some muscle memory going – I’m not so great at drawing either, but again, practice has helped me improve. This was the result of the drawing practice:Image


This was followed by a LOT of sewing practice which finally, after playing with a variety of threads – different shades of green, different thicknesses – in 2 postcards which I am reasonably happy with. One is for my swap partner in the group. The other will go to my Dad for Father’s Day. I would like to make another, but am all feathered out just for the moment!!



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