Stitch-Along Sunday

One of the things I have been working at is trying to become a bit more ‘arty’ with my quilting. I’ve made bed quilts and cot quilts for 30 years now, and while I still love doing this, I want to use some of my retirement time to push myself in a different direction. Sometime in 2013 we formed a small sub-group within the main quilt group and called ourselvesThe Design Group. There were about 6 of us initially but all except 2 of us have fallen by the wayside. We were working through Lyric Kinnard’s book ‘art+quilt’ which is written in a series of exercises. Got to the colour exercise and felt I was going backwards rather than forwards as I’ve done so much work on colour and taught sessions on it myself, so my interest waned a bit. Having said that, I had to work extremely hard at some of the exercises to get my head around things I had never considered such as how to add movement, produce stillness, what colour are various emotions. Other exercises were purely practical and to do with using threads and fabrics in different ways to make different weight lines and shapes. I really must get back to this book. As well as this, I bought a sketch book and pencils for the first time since childhood and have thoroughly enjoyed using them! Who knew?

However, to keep myself working toward the goal, I have signed up to one of Ruth Blanchet’s Academy of Quilting courses ‘Getting Started with Quilt Art’ ( and have also started following her monthly Sunday Stitch-Along (


These are my response to the instructions to Week 1 of June. Let’s see how I progress!


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