A Bit of Needlepoint…

I’m currently working the Ivy Leaf from Elizabeth Bradley’s ‘Decorative Victorian Needlepoint’. I’ve adapted it a little so that it will make a header for my curtains. I’ve added the Red/Cream/Green border to make it fit the width I need. I reckon I need to do approx. 12 repeats of the pattern and I got to the end of the 3rd repeat tonight. Love working with tapestry wool and the stitching is so relaxing…Image


Another step in the right direction on a second project today was to assemble what I think I will need for the first mini art quilt for the Quilt Academy workshop I’m doing. The instruction is to base it on a photo you took – well all the photos I seem to take are of quilts and embroidery so I’ve decided to base the quilt on my daughter’s wedding which was just 2 weeks ago. It’s the only collection of photos I have that seem to have some suitable subjects in them for working with. So, here is the collection of materials I intend to use …Image 

The colours don’t look great because of taking the photo in electric light – but the collection consists of silk fabric in a variety of blues, some pictures from the wedding cropped and printed on fabric, lettering reversed and printed onto TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) – a new purchase – never tried it before, cream cotton fabric with gold stars (left over from the wedding quilt I made them), gold ribbon, cream silk fabric (very bridal-looking) and a variety of blue and white threads with one green. Watch this space…


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