Progress on Lesson 1 and SAL Sunday

Was up very early this morning after going to bed early and (just for a change) going straight off to sleep! Nice to get some sewing time before the day starts to heat up and while my eyees and brain are still fresh.

So today’s progress was on Lesson 1 of the Getting Started with Quilt Art from  Academy of Quilting The brief was to use your own photos printed on fabric as the basis for a small quilt. I used pictures from my daughter’s wedding, fabrics that tone with the wedding theme along with some bridal satin that I had in and some gold ribbon. This was the result of my  playtimeImage

Had I not been doing this course, then this quilt would never have happened. I am so glad it did. I wanted to celebrate those fabulous blue shoes and the lovely bouquets made up of simple gypsophila to stunning effect. The words were applied using TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) which I have not used before – mixed results, but as it was the frst time I used it that may very well be down to my inexperience. I want to do a a little hand embroidery before I start to quilt. No idea how I will quilt this – hopefully it will speak to me and tell me what it wants…

Also did part 2 of Ruth Blanchet’s Stitch Along Sunday . This is great fun. Week 1 was to choose a background fabric and then make up another piece out of either stripes, squares or triangles. I chose stripes. Week 2 was to choose a shape to cut out of your pieced unit – I chose an oval. Here is the result so far:



I’m liking the chain effect this makes. Hopefully will complete the week 3 instruction tomorrow or Sunday.


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