Mixed Media Mandala

I started wanting to dabble in some mixed media work a couple of months back so started an internet course run by Louise Gale who lives here on the Costa del Sol http://louisegale.com/workshops/mixed-media-mandala-online-class/. She’s starting another of these classes in October. Had a bit of a delay just after I started it as we had 2 trips back to UK – one for the hen party and one for the wedding, then we brought visitors back with us after the wedding, so I’m just getting back to it now, having found most (not all) of the stuff I put away. Used watercolour paints and pencils for the first time since primary school, drawn lots of mandalas  – I wasn’t even sure what a mandala was when I started, but now I’m hooked on drawing and colouring them.. It’s a nice thing to do when the eyes are too tired for sewing. So far the instructions are proving idiot-proof and I have enjoyed doing all the different things she has asked of us. This is the first collaged mandala.  I didn’t have much in the way of paper but my scrapbooking daughter was having a clear out and I took what she was throwing away. Here is my first attempt. I’m sure there’ll be more….Image




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