A Stitching Saturday

Ever since the days of being in full-time paid employment Saturday has been my stitching and crafting day and that hasn’t changed now that I am retired. Today has been very productive and I’ve had a lovely time getting all of the following done while listening to a beautiful selection of music courtesy of my ipod. 

First job was to get the pieces cut and ready for the last Quilters del Sol workshop of the season which will take place on Wednesday. We are making a reversible table runner – it’s supposed to have a Christmas side to it but I don’t buy Christmas fabrics and I’m not really around at Christmas so mine is having an Easter side. Here are the pieces all cut and ready to go:



Then I thought I’d have a play with those wonky blocks I didn’t like – remember I did the white and gold piece to use with them? Well, the wonky block piece got made a bit bigger by adding strips around the edge, then I folded it and cut the whole thing into strips of different widths on the bias. After that, I cut the gold and white piece also into strips of different widths but on the straight to give stability to the piece. This was the result:



Needs a lot more work yet, but I am liking this as a starter. I am thinking gold stitching of various types to make that gold spiral pop…

Then while the husband was watching World Cup matches I did a bit of stitching on the Joan Elliott Mystery Stitch Along that I am following on facebook. I did wonder if my eyes would manage to work with evenweave fabric these days, but I am finding as long as I keep the sessions short – an hour or so, then I am fine. Here is the progress so far:



So, that’s all for today. I’ll be reading a bit of this month’s book club choice (Burnt Shadows by Kamila Shamsie if you’re interested) and then off to bed…Good night…


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