Five Days Worth of Updates

Well I haven’t been updating but I have been busy. I’ve caught up on some sessions of the Mixed Media Mandala course with Louise Gale. Done a mandala based on a flower and another based on Spirograph patterns. Starting to feel as though I am finding what I like with these now. 

Image    Image



Wednesday was our quilt group meeting and we made the reversible table runner that I cut all the fabrics out for on Saturday – well, I use the word ‘made’ loosely. I’m not quite finished yet – all the pieces are made but they still need sewing together: The blue and yellow ones are mine. One side bright and the other in pastels.

Image   Image


Also did a bit of free motion quilting very early this morning – woke up at 6 and the desire to be in my sewing room was much stronger than the desire for more sleep, so a couple of postcards got quilted and a free motion background made. I might add to this background yet – I fancy playing about with colouring and hand embroidery on it.

Image    Image


So although I haven’t been updating, I haven’t been idle either. Busy day tomorrow – need to do some clearing up and then off to a Pink Floyd Tribute concert in Mijas in the evening, so I am hoping for another sewing Saturday.


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