More Postcards and Another Workshop

Well today’s progress was to finish 4 postcards – 1 for a friend’s birthday, another will be my July postcard for the ‘Free Motion’ postcard group, the house ones are for 2 friends who are moving house, 1 has already moved, the other will do at some point – and I need a third one of these for my daughter who is waiting for a new build to be completed. Thr tulips were foundation pieced and the houses were done on my embroidery machine using a design from ‘Designs by Juju’


Did you notice the background of the houses was the piece of free motion quilting I did and coloured the other day? Looks good, doesn’t it?

Another workshop going ahead tomorrow – this one on fabric dyeing. I have assembled all my kit, will wear my oldest clothes and am looking forward to a day of unadulterated fun. Here is all the paraphernalia ready to go…



For dyeing, I have some PFD (Prepared For Dyeing) fabric that I bought in a sale ages ago and also a bit of white with an appliqued bias design on it that I made a skirt out of. I want to dye it with the appliqued bias on and then remove the bias later and see what it has left. Should be interesting. Results will be posted tomorrow.


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