A Busy Week

Lots to catch up on this time. I haven’t managed to post but I have been very busy! The fabrics we dyed at the workshop last Tuesday came out very well and I have a lovely collection of wonderful colours and space dyes. Here they are hanging on the washing line after an exhausting morning rinsing, rinsing, more rinsing and then washing – only to find I needed to rinse a bit more!!

Hand Dyes

And all the lovely threads that went into the dye baths with the fabrics…




On the cross-stitching front, the frame for the Joan Elliott Stitch Along is now complete. It’s not too late to join in – the first face has just been released so I am awaiting the pattern. Find the facebook page by searching for Faces of Joan Elliott. Here is my completed frame. It’s a while since I have done any cross stitch and I’ve enjoyed doing this:



I made a little progress on Louise Gale’s Mixed Media Mandala workshop which I am following. I am finding that I am not too excited by paint (maybe we will learn to be friends over time) but I am loving playing with paper collage and have created this little mandala from oddments of paper, card and some of my own drawn mandalas which I photocopied and cut up. Then I added some old shirt buttons to get a mixed media feel in there. I am more than happy with the result – still a ways to go yet though as I am only up to the middle of week 2…



I joined in a birthday block group at the start of the year – I had all my blocks in March and this is the block I have made for the lady with the July birthday. I chose to do the same block for everyone (unless they specified something different) and just change the colours for each person. I’m finding it a tricky block to do but I must admit it looks pretty spectacular when finished. This is the 3rd colorway I have done:

July block


Below is the landscape which is part 2 of lesson 2 of Ruth Blanchet’s ‘Getting Started with Art Quilting’ course (Academy of Quilting). I’m happy with the tree trunk effect but not at all happy with the fabrics I chose for the background – the flowers are much too large and the 2 beige fabrics are in the wrong places; would have looked better swapped around. But every mistake is a learning curve, so here it is, warts and all:



And last but not least, I finished the last part of the June Sunday Stitch Along also hosted by Ruth Blanchet through Arbee Designs. You get one simple instruction to follow each week and it is up to you to interpret it whatever way you want. Fascinating to see the different pieces produced from the same set of instructions. Here is my completed piece:

June SAL

All in all, not a bad week’s work.

I attended another dyeing session today, but the pieces won’t be rinsed and washed until Thursday morning as tomorrow is a quilting day, so I’ll be out all day. I’m looking forward to seeing (and posting) the results.




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