Some More Goodies and a Couple of Birthdays

First on my ‘to do’ list for this week was to complete my daughter’s 30th birthday card. Really enjoyed playing about with this and she enjoyed receiving it, thankfully…001


Then came the next delivery of goodies from my ordering-fest the other week. Still a couple of things to arrive (as if I haven’t got enough to do!), but here is the latest haul:



Which consists of:

1. My July postcard from my swap partner in Postcards From Around the World on the theme The Outdoors. She lives in Canada – stunning card – glad to have it in my collection.



2. Another postcard, this time from my swap partner in the Free Motion Quilting postcard group. This one is continuing the theme of free motion feather work following on from a tutorial posted by Diane Gaudynsky. Great tutorial – find it here



3. A surprise gift of some lovely pieces of fabric from my Canadian swap partner



4. Some stencils for playing with backgrounds for my final version of the Mixed Media Mandala and Kim Thittichai’s video of working creatively with Bondaweb. Both of these from Colouricious. Wonderful website!


4. Three chart packs from Joan Elliott. I thought the Peacock and the Peacock Lady would make a nice pair – and The Astrologer because I am currently dabbling in Astrology – fascinating subject!


5. The latest Stitch magazine from the Embroiderer’s Guild. The only magazine I am now getting in hard copy format – everything else is digital. I just don’t have the space to store them all and with digital it is so easy to find what you want! But anyway, looking forward to sitting down with a coffee and this one…


6. Some viewing for when the football season re-starts. This production of Romeo and Juliet is one of the best I have ever seen. Tamara Rojo is fantastic – she dances her way from playful young girl to tragic young woman and breaks your heart while doing it. I had it recorded on our Sky box before we left the UK and then, of course, I lost it – and finally have it back again. Hopefully for keeps. The production of Tosca I again saw on tv – on Sky Arts I think and Bryn Terfel gives what must be one of the best performances of his life. So if you’re into this sort of thing, then these 2 come highly recommended. I don’t buy many DVD’s, so when I do it’s for a good reason!



7. Threads from Willow Fabrics – these are for the first face in the Joan Elliott stitch-along that I am following on facebook


8. A Thank you card from my lovely daughter and her new husband. This was for the wedding quilt I made for them.


So that was it for the haul from my postbox! What a worthwhile visit that was. Spent a happy time opening it all.

Back to my work for the week – I made a birthday postcard for my sister which has been sent and received – and she loves it.


I’ve been playing with some circle and spiral designs for this theme for August for the Postcards from Around the World group ( Here is a flavour of one of them -unfinished at this point, but I’m still playing – just getting myself into the zone, so to speak!



And, last but not least I am working on turning a fabric donation into cushions for the local cancer charity shop. These are 3 of them. There are another 7 in this fabric but a different colour – turquoise – already made up. I am hoping to finish a few more today. The fabric was donated to the quilt group last year by a fabric retailer who couldn’t sell the last of his stock and didn’t want to throw it away. The charity shops didn’t feel the fabric would sell, so we took and promised to turn into saleable cushions. About 50 went to them just before Xmas last year, so I’d like to get another lot to them in time for their Xmas Fayre this year. I am trying to clear one fabric at a time…


The ‘to do’ list for this weekend includes some more cushions, so hey ho, hey ho, it’s off to sew I go….



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