Last Weekend’s Achievements

Well, it was pretty hot here over the weekend, but fortunately my sewing room (which doubles as the guest bedroom) is perfectly placed to catch the afternoon breeze. We have now had a bug screen fitted to that window so that I can have the window open and stay cool while I work – whether it be day or night. Now that the football season is approaching, it is handy to be able to escape to my little haven and get on with something rather than sit through the football noise in the living room!

So I did manage to get a few things done despite the heat. The main thing was that the first border went on to the current UFO – whoops of joy from me because I know once I have got this far I won’t be able to leave it alone until it’s done!

I’m rather liking it… I love these colours together.



I also finished my double-sided table runner from the workshop we had at the end of June.

Side 1 below

Barbara Side 1

And side 2

Barbara Side 2

Side 2 should really have been Christmas-themed, but I am never home for Christmas so I did and Easter theme instead.

A few more cushions are destined for the charity shop. These are made from yet more of the donated fabric


I did try out a bit of fancy stitching on some of the material, but it just disapperaed into the pile – it’s pretty thick! So I decided to just keep them plain and simple.

And last but not least, I finished the circle and spiral drawing I was working on:




My idea is to use this actual photograph and print it on to Artist Transfer Paper and then on to fabric to be stitched and embroidered over to make my themed postcard for this month – well, I’ll probably make a couple and have some in spare for birthdays etc. I’m looking forward to playing around with it. I have been looking for the best ways to turn my drawings and tangles into stitched pieces and I have high hopes for this method. I hope I have some good results to post shortly.

The next major project though, is the planning of the cot quilt for our first grandchild who is due just after Christmas. I have had some collaborations with our daughter and we’ve set up a joint Pinterest board on which to dump all our ideas, so I need to start making some headway into that one. Wish me luck…




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