Making Backgrounds

Well, I seem to have had a week of making backgrounds of one sort or another. Lesson 3 part 1 of the Quilt Academy course I am doing was about using fusible webs to make backgrounds – this is something I definitely want to play around with a bit more. This is just the first effort, but I feel like I’m going to have a whole lot of fun with this…

002 (2)


I’m coming to the end of Louise Gale’s Mixed Media Mandala course now and a happy afternoon was spent on Saturday, out on my terrace in the sunshine playing with paint, stencils, stamps and all sorts of other fun stuff. I have come up with 2 backgrounds for my final mandala/s. The smaller, blue one is on an 8″ canvas and the larger, pink is on a 12″ piece of watercolour paper. Not having played with paints since high school, this has been a steep learning curve for me. I don’t possess many art supplies and didn’t want to invest too much money into buying them as I don’t know how often they will be used; there has been a lot of improvisation here. The paints I used are a combination of fabric paints and stencil paints, both obtained for very little money from people clearing out their possessions in order to return to the UK. I did invest in some watercolour pencils – the jury is still out on whether I will like using these or not – and the only other outlay was for the watercolour paper and the canvas – neither of which was very expensive. It only remains now to either draw or collage my mandala on top of the background – I think it will be a mixture of the two and I do want to incorporate some of my favourite things like buttons, maybe a bit of lace. Here are my backgrounds:
002001 (3)

Looking forward to completing the final part now. 

As well as these I have made some progress on the Faces of Joan Elliott stitch along that I am following on facebook. My angel is almost complete. The second face has come out – but I don’t like it so I will have to find something else of Joan’s to use instead. I think I will wait until I have seen all the other parts and then find something that will fit. I am loving stitching this angel though:

001 (2)

She’d make a lovely card or small picture on something as a gift – and the colours could be changed as well – both dress and hair colour. 

Last but not least, I have a very special quilt to plan – this one is for our first grandchild due on December 28th (more or less – you know how these things go!). My daughter and I set up a joint Pinterest board so that we could put all our joint ideas together on there and so that I could see which direction her taste was heading. Then my son-in-law said that as it is a winter baby, it would be nice to have a winter theme – my daughter is open-minded about the whole thing and has given me carte-blanche. So, as one of them has expressed a definite preference I am going with that and have decided to do penguins and snowflakes with flying geese. I bought a set of machine-applique penguins from called Penguin Antics. Here is just one of the adorable designs:



And below are the fabrics I have selected. The blue one on the bottom row is ice floes – I bought it just because there was room in a parcel for more fabric for the same postage – it was £2 a metre in the sale from wherever it was I was shopping at the time, and I must admit I thought it would be one of those fabrics that I may never find a use for, but here you go – penguins, ice floes – perfect! Who knew…


I do love when I can delve into my stash and find exactly what I need without having to shop. Instant justification.

I haven’t quite decided on the final design yet. I’ll probably have a play around on EQ7 and try out some of the ideas in my head to see what I like. I have just joined the Modern Quilt Group of the Quilters Guild of the British Isles (QGBI), so I think I would like to go with a Modern design. Watch this space…




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