Reviewing The To-Do List

This last week I have been trying to devote at least some time to each different project and I thought it would be a good idea to get a handle on my current To-Do (or maybe Doing) list and crystallise for myself exactly where each is up to. 

There are 8 items on the current list so here is a quick review of each.

1. Postcards – well, this is an ongoing project as I will have at least 2 to make each month just for the postcard groups and FMQ Postcard Fun and Challenges (facebook page) – and there will always be birthdays and events to make further ones for. This month’s two have just been sent off. There was no theme for the FMQ group and the Round the World group had a theme of Circles and Spirals (set by me as I am the organiser). So, I worked on the same theme for both groups and these were my offerings:
Circles and Spirals 2  Circles and Spirals 1

Maybe you recognise the design of the one on the right-hand side? This was the design I drew and photographed. It has been printed off onto TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) and then decorated with stitch and hotfix gems.. I really had a lot of fun with this and I have another couple of pieces of it for further play. 

2. Number 2 on the list is my needlepoint curtain header. This is an Elizabeth Bradley cushion border adapted to suit my project. I have done a bit more of this, but as it looks the same all the way down, you can’t really tell from a picture whether it’s any bigger or not! But here it is anyway. I thought I would peg it to the top of the curtain to see how far along I am. I haven’t done much of it just lately because I have been concentrating on the cross stitch – which is next on the list….



3. Faces of Joan Elliott Stitch Along

There is a facebook page for this and it’s not too late if you want to join in. I have progressed quite well on this considering I only do a couple of hours a night – and not every night. I am working on 28 count evenweave which I haven’t used for a while. I did wonder if my eyes would be up to it, but with the aid of a big light and a strong magnifier, I seem to be ok. After seeing the lovely work done by the other stitchers, I have opted to work the face over 1 thread with 1 strand of thread – it’s taking aaaaaages, but I have to say is worth the extra trouble. I feel her skin has a lovely smooth look to it – just as an angel should…


4. The quilt for our first grandchild has now been designed and started: This is the first 3 of 12 blocks which will be set 3 across and 4 down making a 36″ x 48″ quilt (before any borders are added). The cute penguins will sit in the centre of the blue fabric which is ice floes. The Flying Geese have been done using the no waste methiod that I learnt from Just Hand On TV.



5. This one is the UFO sampler quilt. I haven’t managed to get the second border done yet. It looks reproachfully at me every time I open the cupboard, but the grandchild quilt is taking priority at the moment!

6. Number 6 is using up the donated fabric to make cushions for the local Cudeca (cancer charity) shop. These are the latest 2 cushions made. This fabric was a bit dull and boring so I thought I’d use some of Juju’s houses to jazz it up a bit. The idea is that they should look like a village fete.

013  014

7. Getting Into Art Quilts – Quilt Academy course. Oh dear! Not done anything on this since the background I made last week. Need to move it to the top of the list as I am getting near to the end of it, so could have it finished.

8. Mixed Media Mandala course (Louise Gale – Creative Costa). Only got the final step to do on this and am hoping to get it done this afternoon, so maybe a finished project to report next week. Here’s hoping. 

9. And last but not least – this one isn’t actually a project but may turn into one – I have become a member of the new Modern Quilt Group of the QGBI (Quilters Guild of the British Isles) of which I am an international member. I’ve been a member of QGBI for more than 20 years and, because of full-time work, bringing up children, running a home etc. have never managed to have the time to actually enter a challenge. Maybe this time…. 

I hope your own projects, whatever they may be, are coming along as well. If you would like any further on the products/websites/techniques I have used, do get in touch.

Until next week – Happy Stitching!




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