Progress on the Baby Quilt

Most of my creative time this week has gone into completing the background part of the baby quilt. I have decided to add a border which is still to be made, but then I am not going to be able to sandwich it until I have seen my quilt-shop-owning friend from Seville who is bringing me some wadding and 505 when I see her on September 10th. The cute penguins will be embroidered through all 3 layers so that they quilt themselves as they go on(need to test that out first though!) and the surrounding quilting will be some sort of asymmetrical grid. I’m liking it so far and have enjoyed every minute of making it. And what’s even better is that every bit of fabric came from my stash – so satisfying when you can do that!!

Aug 25 1


Another great bit of progress is that I finished my final mandala and so have finished the course – yayyy! Thoroughly enjoyable and I think I will now always play with mandalas. This was the final piece – it’s on an 8″ square canvas, painted and stencilled background, some paper strips to add an extra layer to the background and then collaged paper on top to make the mandala. There are some Hotfix gems around the outer and inner circles and a bit of sharpie-marker drawing that has come out looking like stitching lines. 

016 (2)

Louise Gale is running this course again in October – it’s great fun so do go over and have a look at her site – It’s an online course, so your location doesn’t matter – you can do it from anywhere.

Lastly, I’m still doing the skin on my guardian angel…… some progress made but don’t hold your breath….

Aug 25 2

She is rather lovely though, isn’t she?

We have visitors due to arrive on Saturday for 12 days, so for that time my sewing room reverts to being a guest bedroom and I get on with whatever I can in between cooking, days out, conversation and all the other lovely things you do when you have guests. That gives me another couple of days before I start cleaning. So it’s bye for now and I’ll chart whatever progress I manage to make whenever I can.



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