At Last!!

Well, what a week (or even 2) it’s been! The internet here in Spain is rarely good, but the last couple of weeks have been dismal. Most days it was running so slow I just got fed up waiting for it to move on – and some days we just had none at all!! Not good for a woman who does everything on line (apart from actually sewing of course!). All my magazines are online, my to-do list, facebook where I keep in touch with my daughters, family and friends all over the world, and much more. Makes you wonder how we managed before we had it! I’m definitely a technology girl.

But the lack of internet gave me plenty of time for other things – sewing included. The baby quilt is cracking along with all the penguins now embroidered in place and looking good. It all looks a bit wrinkly in the picture, but it’ll be fine once quilted. I’m really pleased with how it’s coming along. I’ve got to put it away now though, as said daughter is coming to visit and I don’t want her to see it yet.


The penguins are gorgeous – so cute. I do have to say though that it took me a couple of tries before I found the best way to manage the embroidery of them, so a few postcards and a cushion front to go with the quilt have been created from the practice pieces.

004    003

I’ll be making a few more of these little penguin postcards as I’ve decided they will be the bay’s birthday cards until it is too old to want cute penguin birthday cards. I think they look great. If you like the penguins they came from here

The make-up bag mini workshop that I did with Quilers del Sol went well. Three people finished their bags and the other two didn’t have much more to do. Hoping to see those at Show and Tell this Wednesday. Here are the finished make-up bags. The original pattern came from the Embroiderer’s Guild’s ‘Stitch’ magazine. I wish I could tell you which issue but I have mislaid the magazine. It’s here somewhere and will no doubt turn up one day, but if you want to do it I am sure the embroiderer’s guild can help you out. The picture shows the three finished bags and mine that I was making to demonstrate. The seperate pink one in the picture below, I finished just tonight and that will be a gift for Gail Lawther, our visiting tutor later this month.

photo 1 (7) (1)


Also I’ve been playing with mandalas again and thinking about how I want to develop these into textiles. I’m starting to get some visions for how I want to develop this. I am still at the drawing and playing stage but am thoroughly enjoying that process. This was what came out of a drawing session that started after dinner one night  and continued until the early hours….

005  008


I wonder what will come when I start with fabric and stitch? I never know what will develop before I take pen to paper – a journey into the unknown.

The first face of the Joan Elliott Stitch-Along is finally complete and very lovely she is, too. The addition of the gold thread and the beads makes a real difference. I’m not sure I should have put the beads on quite yet as they may interfere with hooping up for other parts of the design – but I just couldn’t resist!


The next face has been published and my threads are on order. I have plenty to keep me busy though in the meantime.

As well as current projects, I now have a buyer for the peach and turquoise sampler, so I have a deadline of June to get that completed. So, the current to-do list is as follows:

1. Penguins cot quilt to be layered up, quilted and bound (by December 18th)

2. Cot quilt for 2nd expectant daughter to be started ( I have a plan – need to buy a bit of fabric). Due date not until May 22nd, so plenty of time on that one.

3. Block-a-Month quilt for Quilters del Sol to be planned and made (by January aaaarrrrggghh – not touched yet as I am waiting for my partner in crime to finish all her holidays and visitors!)

4. Enlarge and finish the peach and turquoise sampler

5. Keep up with monthly postcards and make the rest of the penguin postcards to save for the future while I am still in penguin mode and the fabrics are at hand

6. Make 5 birthday postcards for family birthdays during October, November, December and January

7. Make younger daughter’s birthday tile (for December 18th)

Very much on the back burner we also have the needlepoint curtain header, the Joan Elliott Stitch-Along and mandalas.

That’s as well as keeping up with my twice-weekly Spanish class, once-a-fortnight astrology, weekly exercise class and daily yoga practice, weekly meditation session and bowls with husband on Saturday mornings. Wish me luck!!! I’ll need it.

Now that our internet is a bit more stable (fingers crossed, touch wood etc.) I want to update the blog a bit more often – mainly so I can see my own progress and keep motivated, so you may be hearing a bit more from me….

Ciao for now.


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