Make-up Bag Embroidery

Today’s bit of sewing (and it was really a very small bit of sewing!) was some hand embroidery on the second of the pink make-up bags. I do need a few of these for Xmas – one for Secret Santa, one for the nice lady who comes and cleans my windows, one for my hairdresser and maybe one or two more for general gifts over Christmas – you just never know when you’ll need a little hostess gift.

So after a full day’s cleaning to pack all my sewing room away for my visitors at the weekend, I managed to embroider around the top edges of this little bag. Two rows of whipped running stitch with French knots between. I found the perfect thread – a perle – quite thick, but just the right colours – sky blue variegated with a bit of pink and lilac running through it. It looks lovely even if I do say so myself. I’ve had this thread in my stash for a while. I bought a set of them at a Quilters Guild area day in the UK a few years ago and they have been hanging around waiting for the right project.

So, here is today’s effort:


Justgot to do the lining, stitching on the base and put the zip in and I can toss it aside and call ‘Next!’. I am currently trawling the local mercerias (haberdashers is probably the nearest translation) for 30cm zips as it struck me that it is easier to make bags to match the zip colours I can get rather than trying to match the other way about!

Tomorrow is our Quilters del Sol meeting ( and I am taking along my sewing machine and some peach and turquoise fabric to get some blocks done while I am there. I also have a plan to start playing with some of Jenny Rayment’s twiddling and fiddling for our Block of the Month quilt. I wonder if I have bitten off more than I can chew with this one? I am usually confident in my ability to manage whatever I take on – I am a girl that finishes things even if it takes a bit longer than expected, so I am persevering in positive thinking on this one. I know the group is looking forward to doing it and I don’t want to let them down, so head down and get on with it!! The problem is that I was not expecting to have to take the lead on this as I am sharing the job with someone else who has done this type of work before (I’ve had a dabble but no more) and has the book with the most suitable blocks in – but also has a husband recently returned from working abroad, is currently on holiday and is also expecting lots of visitors so is pushed for time!! I can only do my best.

Off for a pre-bed meditate to send me off to dreamland.

Sleep well.


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