Tuesday’s Progress

Is it really Tuesday already? After a lovely 4 days with our daughter and son-in-law, it was time this morning to turn the guest bedroom back into my sewing room and quick off the mark to do it I was. Beds stripped, covers turned, all the decorative bits and bobs stowed out of sight and out of danger, sewing and cutting tables brought out from under the bed and set up and away I went.

First off the production line, a completed postcard which will probably go in the post on Thursday morning to my Dad for his birthday. It’s another piece of the swirly, curvy drawing I did. This one has been thread-painted on the yellow and deep red parts, tiny French knots made in red with 1 strand of DMC stranded embroidery thread to make the spots and then the remaining areas filled in with running stitch in orange. Once the postcard was made up and edged, I blinged it up with Hotfix gems, so it looks very sparkly.

003 (1)

I also completed 2 blocks for the current UFO  which is the peach and turquoise sampler quilt, which I now have the job of making bigger so that it’s suitable for its new home in my upstairs neighbour’s apartment. It is intended for use by her great-granddaughter.

004 (1)

Also today, the second pink make-up bag is finished all but the final 2 seams – hopefully that will be ready for photographing tomorrow, and I also managed to do a bit more of the everlasting needlepoint curtain header while catching up with Homeland series 3 (yes, I know I’m one behind) on DVD..

Planning on layering up the baby quilt tomorrow as I have an unexpectedly free day. Can’t wait to see it with wadding at the back of it! What excitement!


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