Saturday and Sunday

OK so I laid down my plan of action for the weekend’s sewing on my last post but things got changed around a little when I actually started got down to business! I made my 2 October postcards which was the first item on the list – but I was enjoying making postcards so much that I made an extra two as well.

018  019


That was my Saturday session.

On Sunday I got up with a burning urge to finish the Sunflowers piece from the workshop on Thursday, so here it is all finished and ready for hanging


I also did some sketching to get ideas for quilting the Cot Quilt. I think I am going to one design on the Flying Geese and another in the empty white sections. The white sections could turn out to be the snowflakes if the practise goes ok. Here are the ideas I like for the Flying Geese. Just not sure which one to choose. I’ll decide when I know what I will do on the white parts.

024 (1)

I also found the little piece below when I was rooting around looking for something and felt I might like to fiddle about with it in the evenings and see what happens:


Not sure where I will go with it, but we’ll just see what happens when I start matching threads and things.

Monday is now on the horizon which is normally a busy day for me, but my morning Spanish class has been put back to Wednesday, so I just have my Meditation class at 1 p.m.. This may leave some unexpected sewing time. I do want to go into town a bit earlier than I need to to try and get some more cushion pads for the charity cushions – I’m really struggling to get the right size and I genuinely don’t have the time or the will to make my own – I still need 11 of them! Wish me luck in my shopping trip tomorrow morning!


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