Sewing on a Monday…

Happily I did manage to get just a little sewing time in today and finally finished the second of those little pink make-up bags. The first one has now been given to Gail Lawther as a thank you gift. Here is the newly-completed one:


I’m pleased with it – it is really pretty in the flesh. I need to get some more of these on the go now in time for Xmas presents for various people. This one is for the Secret Santa at Quilters del Sol – our theme is Put’em’ins – anything that you can put something into.

A few initial, and maybe experimental, stitches have been put into the blue and orange piece with some thick, glitzy, orangey/terracotta-ish thread that I bought while I was at British Quilt and Stitch Village in April. It’s not much but it’s a start – just big running stitches for now and then I’ll see where that leads me. I’m turning over ideas for a name for it so that usually means it’ll get finished….


And hallelujah! I managed to get the rest of the cushion pads for the charity shop cushions. I’ve been picking up one or two here and there as I’ve seen them, but finally the Chinese shop on the high street got new stock in – just in time as I want to drop them off tomorrow while I am in Coin. Here are all 17 of them ready to go…


Tomorrow will be hairdresser first, then off to Coin to drop these off and pick up some insurance documents, followed by a nice lunch – and all this is in readiness for a visit to the dentist in the afternoon for some much-needed but nasty dental work. I expect to be feeling very sorry for myself after that. Wish me luck.


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