November 5th 2014

I haven’t posted in a while, but things have been happening nonetheless – it’s just that for the most part they have been things that really won’t show up as being any sort of progress in a photo – until today, that is.

So, just to keep myself up to date, here is the progress made over the last week or so…

1. The cot quilt has been marked up and the first part of the quilting completed.

2. Another leaf and some borders have been stitched on the needlepoint curtain header – oh and I’ve reached the end of my strip of canvas and attached the second one.

3. My friend and I managed to get together to discuss the Block of the Month we are doing for the quilt group – the one I was so worried about. We have a plan, have allocated the workload between us and I have made the first 2 blocks – yippee!! We’ve given ourselves a deadline of the December meeting (2nd Wednesday in December) to have the quilt pieced and ready to show. My first block is made and the second is partially completed. I feel relieved to have made a start. Here they are so far:

We are doing Jenny Rayment’s twiddled and fiddled blocks. Here is the completed one:


And the partially completed one:


And this one is partially done – the rest is by hand so I’ll do this over the next few evenings.

So now the To-Do List currently looks like this:

1. Finish quilting cot quilt

2. Do blocks, sashing pieces and cornerstones for BOM

3. November birthday block and November postcards

4. Peach and Turquoise sampler to be finished (but not until June)

5. Needlepoint curtain header (ongoing project)

6. Faces of Joan Elliott Mystery Stitch-Along – I am 2 faces behind on this one, but that doesn’t matter

7. Next cot quilt to be made for daughter number 2 (but not until May)

8. I really want to get working on some fabric and stitch mandalas – so many ideas whizzing around in my head….

That’s all for now, it’s pretty late here so I’m going to have my sleepy tea and head off to bed. I have a free morning tomorrow, so hopefully make some more headway on the blocks….


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