November 27th 2014

Well, it’s been a case of head down and get stuck in since my last blog. I feel December appraoching rapidly and with all I had to do, there really was no time for anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary. I am happy to say that all the hard work has paid off. The cot quilt is completed – yayyyy!!! That makes me very happy. I just need to do a label, but here it is in all its glory:

006 (1)

And here is a detail of the quilting and one of the snowflakes:

012 (1)   013 (1)

The Penguins are from, the snowflake is from Designs by Juju and the free motion quilting was inspired by designs of Lori Kennedy’s of The Inbox Jaunt There is so much information and good design available to us these days on the internet. You can mix it and match it and add bits of your own and come up with something totally unique every time. I am grateful for it all. It gives me many happy hours of enjoyment and lovely things to give away to my family and friends.

On the Christmas present front, I now have 4 pretty little make-up bags to give out. One is for the quilt group Secret Santa, another for the lovely lady who cleans my windows, one for our hairdresser and the last is for our newsagent who takes in and looks after all my many parcels of sewing items until I can get to her to retrieve them.

009 (1)

My November postcards have been done and sent off:

020 (1)  10535095_10152902036129187_3338672157995279736_o

And the December ones are also ready to go:

010 (1)   011 (1)

004 (4)

Birthday postcards for my Mum and Sister who have early December birthdays:

004 (3)  005 (3)

And the 2nd block for the group quilt along with all the sashing strips and cornerstones have also been finished. I don’t have the sashes and cornerstones and they probably wouldn’t show up very well in a picture anyway, but here’s the block which I showed unfinished last time, now completed:

003 (2)

I rather like this one and would like to play around with it a little more in other colours etc. Something will prompt me to do it at some point.

So haven’t I been a busy girl?

Still to do are a folded star block and 2 fan blocks for the group quilt (deadline December 3rd!) and 2 birthday blocks for the Birthday Block group. Oh, and stitch the binding on my daughter’s birthday tile. Hopefully I’ll have at least one of those things to blog about tomorrow.

But for now, it’s feeling very much like bedtime. Night night…


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