December 2nd 2014

Finished the hand sewing on the last BOM block last night and I think it looks rather pretty:

002 (4)

I also did a little bit more work on my experimental piece. We now have TV (after not being able to watch in quite a long time) so something different to sit and sew to. I am sewing some Shisha mirrors now on to this piece – never tried that before so I am sure I will improve with practise! I am just going where I feel like with this piece and seeing what comes out of it. It’s not much more than A4 size, so is definitely an art piece. I love the serpentine look to the orange/yellow part and I am using an orangey sparkly thread for the running stitch and the Shisha. How it ends up will be as much a surprise to me as to anyone else, but here it is so far:

004 (6)

And just for a little light relief on the sewing machine, I thought I would sew some sparkly threads onto one of my hand-dyed fabrics to make a background for some postcards. Great fun:

005 (5)

I want to have a go at thread painting dragonflies and butterflies on to backgrounds like this. I got the idea from an ex-member of one of the postcard groups I am in – Janet McElroy who has her own blog here: but I first have a new baby postcard to do – and decide which quilt the latest baby in the family will get. This baby is my sister-in-law’s 5th grandchild – a little boy.

This postie below is not my work, but a postcard I received this morning from a member of our postcard group – the theme for November was ‘Heavenly Bodies’ – so far nobody has gone for any athletes, film stars or beauty queens – we’ve all played safe and done celestial things. Here is the one I received which I absolutely love:

Gail to Barbara

Gorgeous isn’t it?

Off out to see the Christmas lights tonight so no sewing will be done today – and then tomorrow is the big day for putting the BOM quilt together ready to present at the Christmas Lunch on the 10th, so I am hoping to have a good picture of that to post tomorrow.


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