January 17th, 2015

A belated Happy New Year to everybody. Belated because we were away in the UK to spend Christmas with family and to await the birth of our first grandchild and have only returned home this week. We now have a lovely little granddaughter called Anaya, who is absolutely beautiful and is so far a very contented baby.

unnamed (3)

We wanted to spend a little time with her before returning to Spain, so we only got back on Sunday night. I hit the ground with my feet running and am just about catching up with myself now.

We will be back in the UK on May 17th to await the birth of the 2nd grandchild (sex unknown) who will be the son or daughter of our younger daughter. It will be lovely that these 2 little cousins will only be 5 months apart and in the same year at school. They live very near each other, so maybe will be in the same school – who knows?

Just prior to going back to UK, we have a visit from Anaya and her parents starting on May 3rd, so sewing-wise (which is obviously what this is all leading up to), that means I have from today until approx. April 30th (pre-visitor cleaning time being allowed here) to complete the turquoise and peach sampler for my neighbour and to make a quilt from scratch for my younger daughter’s baby. The baby quilt is now planned – I did that at our quilt meeting on Wednesday, the fabrics have been selected, so now I just need to get moving.

013 (2)   The centre of the quilt will look like this.

014 (2) 015 (1)

These are my planned foundation patterns for the border which will be boys and girls holding hands. There will be hearts in the corner which I haven’t drafted out yet. All good stash-busting type patterns.

The boys and girls are done from the book below which has them as pieced patterns:


And here are the fabrics I have pulled from my stash to make the quilt:


I have managed to free motion 8 of the peach and turquoise border blocks as well.

012 (2)

Now that I have detailed for myself what I have achieved so far (when I was feeling that I had done nothing!!) I feel a bit better. Which was the whole point of me starting a blog in the first place, so good decision and time well spent.


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