January 19th

I’m actually writing this just after midnight so it is technically the 20th, but hey, let’s not split hairs. This post is about my stitching over the last 2 days, so I’ll stick with the 19th – who knows I may do a bit more on the 20th. So far, the 20th is a free day (don’t get many of those), not good weather and they are digging up the road outside to lay a new water pipe, so 3 very good excuses for having some quality time with my sewing machine.

Yesterday, the 18th, I managed to free motion the rest of the blocks for the 2nd border of the sampler and got them sewn together. Today, I slip-stitched all of the back strips in place. I am doing this whole quilt by the Quilt-as-you-go method, so I need to cover the seams at the back with strips which then need to be slip-stitched down. It’s a very neat technique and I’ve used it quite a lot.

Also yesterday, I tested out the instructions for one of the 1st blocks for our group’s block of the month quilt – and guess what? They weren’t right. Back to the drawing board on that one then – fortunately my BOM partner is doing the instructions for the first 2 blocks, so I was able to hand it back to her for reconfiguring. I have another one to test out tomorrow. I need to make that priority as we want to cut the kits for the first 2 blocks this Wednesday and then give them out next Wednesday at our workshop day.

Once I’ve done the block testing, I am hoping to get the completed border piece attached to the quilt tomorrow.

001 (6)

I still have a lot more of these little pineapple blocks to make. They are 6″ square and have 27 pieces! What was I thinking of? But they do look gorgeous, so I suppose it’s time well spent.

Had some TV time tonight so while I was watching I made the foundation sheet for the boys and girls for the cot quilt. Just need to print off 14 of them now so I can get some made as and when.

001 (7)

If you can’t make sense out of this picture, I am foundation piecing only the heads, arms and the boy’s trousers. I am going to piece all the legs by cutting strips for the legs and strips for the feet, sewing them together and then slicing the sewn strips into the right size to make a leg with a foot on the end. The other pieces in the block are unpieced background patches so they can be just cut and sewn on as I make up the block. That’s the theory anyway – still need to test it out to make sure it works.

I finished doing this before I was finished watching TV, so I also got a few stitches in on the needlepoint curtain header.


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