February 16th 2015

Well, there’s been quite a gap between posts – almost a month, but believe me I have had my head down and been working hard. I haven’t been putting any pictures up because the blocks I’ve been making are the ones for the sampler quilt and why would you be interested in seeing a load of blocks all the same day after day? Why would I want to photograph them and upload them? So, that’s the reason for the silence.

But this week I had a quilt group meeting where I did some little boy and girl work for the cot quilt and then I ran out of foundation paper for the sampler blocks, so I played hookey at the weekend and had some instant gratification making postcards.

001 (9)  This is the test for my pattern. I’m pleased it’s turned out the right size.

So the next step was to make a load of arms and legs:

002 (7)   017 (1)

I had an amusing time explaining to some non-sewing Spanish ladies who work in the kitchen at our meeting venue what I was doing.

The evenings here get very cold when the sun goes down. We have a log fire in the living room so it makes sense to stay in there in the evening. My sewing machine is in my workroom which doubles as the spare bedroom, so all the sewing machine work needs to be done during the day in the winter – which means free hands during the evening, so I’ve been doing some small embroideries and during my hookey time, I converted some of these into postcards in readiness for birthdays, group swaps etc. Had a great time and I’m mighty pleased with the results as well:

On the theme of ‘Hearts’ for February:

012 (3)   013 (3)

011 (2)

The next two are 2 little embroideries I did. The nice thing about making postcards is that you always have a good excuse to stitch a small piece…

015 (2)   014 (3)

And the last one is a small foundation-pieced picture that I did in a mini-workshop at a quilt group meeting some time ago. It’s been hanging around waiting to be wanted. I thought this would be a suitable ‘Bon Voyage’ card for a friend who is returning to live in the UK:

016 (2)

Tomorrow I shall be quilting sampler quilt blocks, and foresee myself doing this until the order for the foundation paper arrives, so I may be a bit quiet again! Unless I get another hookey day of course….


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