February 25th 2015

The third and fourth borders are now on the sampler quilt and I’ve run out of both foundation papers for the remaining pineapple blocks and suitable peach fabric to make the applique panels for the top and bottom. So supplies have been sent for.

I am hoping the foundation paper will have arrived when I go into the post box in town in the morning. I have some ideas bouncing around my head for the applique panels, so may do a bit of drawing to see what will work. The width of the quilt is now complete, I just need to add the top and bottom bits. In the meantime, here’s the quilt so far:

003 (7)

As I couldn’t do any more on this one, I was able to spend some time on the cot quilt. The arms and legs I did have now turned into headless boys and girls:

001 (11)   006 (5)

And today was a workshop day at our quilt group. We did Friendship Braid. I decided to hit some of my scraps for this design and spent 3 evenings in front of our lovely log fire cutting the patches which meant I could get straight on with the sewing when I got there today. This is what I made but I doubt it will stay like this:

007 (3)

Just for now it will sit in the UFO basket, but I have definite plans for it! Really enjoyed stitching it. I love scraps and it was a break from the sampler and the cot quilt.

Fingers crossed that my foundation paper is awaiting me in the morning…


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