March 1st 2015

The headless bodies have now turned into little boys and girls. Phew! Glad that bit’s over as that was the most intricate part of the cot quilt. Here they are all stitched into their correct order for attaching as borders. I wasn’t planning on giving them faces, but what do you think? Do they need faces?

001 (13)

Now to design the corner blocks which I think will be hearts – I’ll see if there is a suitable one in my EQ7, if not, there’s a great one in the Block Magic book that I adapted the boy and girl pattern from, so I’ll adapt that as a foundation pattern in EQ7.

Happily, the foundation paper has arrived thank goodness, so I can get on with the pineapple blocks – 34 to go (they take me an hour each to piece and then they need to be quilted, first part of which is done on the embroidery machine and then I free motion to the edges to complete them. Also 2 applique panels which I am getting ideas for as well. I think flowers along the bottom one and birds along the top…

Short and sweet today as I am printing 34 foundation patterns so I’m ready to go….


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