March 28th, 2015

What a long time it is since I last posted! Had my head down and working hard. The sampler quilt is now nearing completion thank goodness. Here is the bottom panel attached and quilted:


It’s machine appliqued using flowers from Designs by Juju ( and then free motion quilted. I am more than pleased with the result. The top panel also uses appliques from Designs by Juju and hopefully I can photograph that one tomorrow. At the moment it’s stuck in the embroidery machine mid-design, so I can’t really move it!

The cot quilt is also coming along but I am not too sure it is exactly what I want. It’s ok, but I think I can do better. For me, it lacks zing, so I am planning on playing with it a bit. Here it is so far:

001 (1)

By way of a break I had a postcard weekend the weekend before UK Mother’s Day which also included my husband’s birthday.

Graham bday Hubby’s birthday card – he’s a Pisces. Like me…

Mothers Day My Mum’s Mother’s Day card

Lace postie A Lace-themed postcard for one of the groups I am am member of. This one went to France.

Gold postie  A second lace-themed postcard – just because I was feeling that way inclined…

I’ve also competed one more repeat of the needlepoint curtain header and started what I think is the 6th. I need to do a proper count some time but as I need 14 repeats, I don’t feel in too much of a rush!

We also learnt that our next door neighbour is expecting a baby in September so another cot quilt is in the planning. Ideas are currently on the back burner for this….


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