June 27th 2015

I can hardly believe it is 2months and 12 days since my last post, but a lot has happened in that time! I had a visit from my sister which was very enjoyable and then there was a window of around 10 days before my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter came to visit us. This was my opportunity to make some headway on the quilt for the second grandchild who was due on May 19th. But it was not to be! I was ill and only just recovered in time for them to arrive, so no progress at all was made on the quilt which left me feeling a bit panicky to say the least! We had a lovely, if exhausting time with our granddaughter. She was left with us for 3 days while her parents went off to a wedding in La Manga which was enormous fun but tiring. A bit of recovery and tidying-up time was needed afterwards, but then it was down to work.

By keeping my head down and getting on with the job, I did manage to finish the quilt for our second grandchild, a boy, who was finally born on June 4th (16 days late) at 2.27 am. We were leaving for the airport only hours later. But I was carrying a finished quilt! Phew! Here is the completed article:

Lucas's quilt

My daughter loves it and the baby has already lay on it to play. I used a Valdani variegated thread in rainbow colours for the quilting so the rainbow theme was carried on. And I found a great heart and spiral machine embroidery design to use between the boys and girls. I used the same design placed randomly as a structure to free motion quilt around. I was very happy and relieved when I could finally sit down in front of the tv and sew down the binding and embroider all the little faces.

Since then, very little sewing has been done. I have done a little of the needlepoint curtain header while sitting out on the terrace in the sunshine, but I got back into the sewing saddle today for some playtime. I had this month’s postcard to make. Theme of Buttons and Bows so I decided to do a rainbow of buttons with 2 gold bows to be the pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. And while I was feeling the ‘gold’, I made a very simple postcard from some lovely sheer fabric that I had in and a bit of leftover cotton lace. Here they are:

003 (4)

I also had a play around with some applique. I want to make applique pieces that are freestanding that I can then apply whole to whatever background I choose. I had an old set of instructions that I pulled out of Quilters Newsletter many many years ago and thought I would follow that – but there is too much hand applique involved in the technique given. So, I have used the rose pattern supplied but I am trying it with Bondaweb and free motion stitching to hold it in place with the vague notion of embellishing with hand embroidery. It’s all very much in the thinking stage at the moment and I don’t quite know how it will all work out, but I’ll go with the flow and see what develops. Here it is so far:

001 (4)

I’ve also bought a Sue Spargo’s Craftsy course on her wool applique method. That may work better with what I have in mind. I am not sure that I will be able to find the wool fabric that she uses from a UK/EU source. No good my ordering from the US as the duty levied in Spain on goods coming from outside the EU is horrendous. Thought I’d found a supplier on Etsy but I have just noticed she ships from US. Grrr!! The search is on….


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