July 13th 2015

Well, I managed to have a brief dalliance with my sewing mojo, but everything is on hold again while the apartment gets painted. However, here is the next stage of the rose. I’m just adding some hand stitching and embellishments…

001 (5)

I quite liked making my applique piece this way. I did it on a calico background with Bondaweb and then cut the whole shape out of the calico. I applied it to the background and free-motion stitched it in place. The background is made up from leftover bits of free motion quilting that I used as backgrounds for postcards, so the wadding/batting was already in place giving a nice depth to the rose when I stitched it on. I pieced the bits together and then covered the while lot with white net and a couple of netty decorative bits, then added the lace at the bottom and the braid – both of which have been hanging around in my stash for many a moon. I am currently beading the lace at the bottom anjd wondering what else (if anything) to add. Any opinions and suggestions will be gratefully received.

I also made some postcards to go on the pile ready for birthdays, thank-you’s etc. And for my postcard swaps as well. I still have one card to make on a theme of Circles, Swirls and Curls and also a birthday card for my daughter. Then a baby quilt (already started in a workshop in 2014!) for my next-door neighbour whose baby is due at the end of August. It’s awfully hot here to be quilting at the moment but I’m sure I can force myself! Here are the latest posties…

002 (3)

The top one is cut from a block that went wrong when I was making the sampler quilt for my neighbour and the bottom one is a machine embroidery pattern that I loved. It was a freebie from somewhere – wish I could remember where!

003 (5)

The card on the left is for this month’s theme of ‘Cuisine’ for Postcards From Around the World (postcardsroundtheworld.wordpress.com or find us on facebook) and the one on the right was another machine embroidered bird that I liked the look of. I think this one was probably a freebie as well.

I am also up to the 9th repeat of the needlepoint curtain header which is the only thing I can currently lay my hands on to do, so hopefully that will progress a bit more over the next day or two while the painter is here.


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