19th July 2015

Hot, hot, hot here. We’ve had August temperatures since the end of June, so sewing is a bit tricky. We’ve also had a very nice man painting the apartment which entailed packing all my sewing things away until he was done. Happily, he’s now finished, the apartment looks clean and bright and I can at least attempt to get some sewing done. I’m usually pretty determined on that front and I still had another postcard to make for this month. This one was on the theme of Swirls, Twirls and Curls – not necessarily in that order! So here is my effort:

003 (6)

The braids were made by me on a Kumihimo ring. They were longer of course; they were both made for other projects and these are the 2 leftover bits. The fabric is a piece I hand-dyed and I liked the raspberry colour with the yellow and cream in the threads. The hand embroidery came about because I was watching an episode of The Quilt Show (http://thequiltshow.com/) while I was stitching the braids on and it featured hand embroidery, so the embroidery floss box came out …

It is my daughter’s birthday this week, so of course I had to make a card for her as well. I bought the Lion embroidery pattern last year from Karlee Porter http://www.karleeporter.com/shop/digital-designs/majestic-lion/ and had some issues getting my Janome 360E to accept it. As it turned out, the solution was simple – I just turned it portrait instead of landscape and it worked! Figured it out too late for last year’s birthday, though, so she’s getting it this year. As you can no doubt deduce, she’s a Leo.

001 (6)

And that’s about it for this week. No further progress on the curtain header but I did manage to sort through all my hoarded magazines and books and get rid of some old ones to make room for new!


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