5th August 2015

Just for once, August has been cooler than July! These first 5 days have been perfect temperatures, just around 30C with a breeze that is actually cool, instead of hairdryer-like. Bliss. We’ve been warned it’a about to start going up from tomorrow though, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

The cot quilt is finished and quilted. Did I mention that this is a Christine Porter pattern? http://www.quiltingtheworld.com/. Christine came to Spain in 2013 to do two workshops with us. This one is called Squaring the Circle. I am looking forward to giving it to my neighbour when she has her baby. Her mother sews so I know they will appreciate the work in it. It only needs a label now.

003 (8)

Progress has been made on the stitched mandala as well. I am thoroughly enjoying my evenings hand embroidering this. I feel like it’s ready for beads and buttons now – maybe some sequins and bits of bling. A root through all my bits and bobs is on the horizon.

004 (4)

Lastly, the little house block has been turned into rows of beach huts using the leftovers from the cot quilt. I think these are going to decorate a storage box. I was looking at the storage in my sewing room which doubles as the guest room and thought it could be improved if I used the under-the-bed space. My initial idea was to buy baskets that would slide under and could stay there when the guests come. Then I thought Hmmmm – why buy baskets when I have all this stuff that I could use to make pretty storage boxes? So I am hoping these little beach huts will decorate the first of these. The squares of oranges, yellows and reds are to make Prairie Points to look like bunting over the tops of the houses.

006 (3)

So, that’s the main project of the moment. I’ll post when I am finished.


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