5th January 2016

Well, it’s fair to say that I’ve rather lapsed with keeping this blog up to date. That isn’t because I’ve been idle on the creative front, but quite the opposite! So busy I just didn’t have time to photograph and document everything I’ve done – even for my own records in some cases. Maybe I will try to catch up with that this year.

I’m currently sitting at the computer with a great long list of things in my head that I want to do but no idea what to start with. Why does that happen? So, I thought I’d get a list going – I’m good with lists because I like ticking things off. Makes me feel like I’m making some sort of progress.

I’ve signed up for Wendi Gratz’s Dress Up Bunch – a monthly subscription – first month is a pattern for a rag doll and the other 11 are patterns for clothes to fit her.  Here’s the link: http://shop.shinyhappyworld.com/collections/dolls-doll-clothes/products/dress-up-bunch-club-1


I absolutely love Wendi’s designs – simple, imaginative, cute. And now I have a little granddaughter, I have someone to make these things for!

I also want to do her Shiny Happy House quilt pattern:


And her Rag Doll quilt:


Wendi is keeping me mighty busy this year!

Here’s the link to her website: http://www.shinyhappyworld.com/

The focus over the last few weeks has been on knitting – I love to knit in the winter with the fire lit and something good on tv. I completed a cardigan/jacket for me that I started about 2 years ago (and which now looks slightly big on me due to weight loss, but never mind) and made a pair of gloves to go with it with the leftovers. I also made 3 scarves in the same pattern – I know it as the Potato Chip scarf – so named because you can’t have just one. How true!! I made 2 for me and one each for the lady who cleans my windows and the young girl who cleans the communal part of our buildings.


This is a free pattern from Ravelry  and so simple to do!! Grab your own pattern and start your gift stash now. It’s great done in multi-coloured yarn or sparkly and even looks good in just a plain yarn – or plain with another colour running through it. – http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/potato-chip-scarf-dk-or-sport-wt

Then I decided I would use up some of my oddments so I made some of Jean Greenhow’s little dolls for the grandchildren and for the baby next door. I used her Little Gift Dolls booklet but just used the patterns to make up my own dolls to go with the oddments I had. I’ll try and get pictures of those some time. I can’t believe I didn’t take them before giving them. I usually photograph everything!

Link to the booklet – http://www.jeangreenhowe.com/dolls.html


Still using up oddments I made 2 of Amy Gaines’s Monsters which was a pattern I bought on Craftsy:


This one is a great stashbuster!

We always spend Christmas in the UK with our 2 daughters and this year was no exception. I need something to do while I am there so it is always knitting. I decided this year to knit a couple of things for my little grandson, now 7 months old. However, all did not go as planned as I didn’t order enough wool to complete either project, so I’ve brought them back with me for completion. An order has gone off to Black Sheep Wools (http://www.blacksheepwools.com/) who are so reliable and have very reasonable postage charges to Spain – I am waiting for that to arrive as I type – and some of their clearance yarns slipped in to the package as well while I was shopping.  In the meantime I am starting another cardigan for myself – a Sirdar pattern supplied digitally from Black Sheep:


And I have my beady eye on several other things as well but, just for now, they are slightly out of range.

I also completed the Macintosh Rose wallhanging that I started in the Gail Lawther workshop:


And sorted out my sewing room storage and drawers with a variety of storage baskets. So I certainly haven’t been idle!

Now for the list. These are the things I want to accomplish over this year.

  1. I am still working on the needlepoint curtain header so I want to try and complete 1 repeat each month to get it finished.
  2. I am still a member of 2 postcard groups so there will be 2 postcards to be made each month and I want to try and keep up with postcards for each birthday
  3. A house block per month
  4. The pattern from the Dress Up Bunch each month
  5. Work on a UFO – the UFO in my firing line is a Stack and Whack project started in a workshop  about 2 years ago and which is intended for our bed.
  6. I started work on putting together a fabric book of embroidery designs I’ve done over the years which I really don’t know what to do with – I want to finish this.

So, that’s the current plan – I’m sure changes will be made and things will be added, but that’s it up to now. Will be amusing to look back at the end of this year and see what actually happened!!


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