14th February 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day! We had our Valentine supper last evening in a local restaurant. Wonderful food and entertainment. I’m trying to diet but things like this keep getting in my way!! Oh well, no rush….life is for living.

Now to update myself on what I’ve managed to achieve since the last blog. I’ll start with the list:

  1. I am still working on the needlepoint curtain header so I want to try and complete 1 repeat each month to get it finished. – Progress – I am just finishing repeat number 9. I’m not entirely sure how many I need to do. I thought it would be 14 but I need to measure properly to check. 
  2. I am still a member of 2 postcard groups so there will be 2 postcards to be made each month and I want to try and keep up with postcards for each birthday. Progress – here are January’s 2 postcards. I didn’t manage to make any for my stash though. The theme for the FMQ group was Bees and Beehives


The theme for the Handmade Fabric Postcard Swap group was A Film Title. I chose the film Stepping Out:


3. A house block per month

I decided I wanted my houses to be a bit more crooked and set crookedly. So I turned to the good old sketch pad and this was what I cane up with:


which turned into this first block:


4. The pattern from the Dress Up Bunch each month

So, I’ve made Molly. This Molly is the second one I attempted – I really did not like the face on the first one. She looked the type who’d tell tales on all the other kids!! This Molly is much prettier – and she has a skirt, shorts and a blouse. Here she is in her outfits:

12722038_10201194382017139_1818725509_n  12746392_10201194734745957_1459319134_n

5. Work on a UFO – the UFO in my firing line is a Stack and Whack project started in a workshop  about 2 years ago and which is intended for our bed. I’m afraid I never got around to this one – it is still languishing in the cupboard. I feel a bit bored by it. I love the fabrics I am using for it, but the design bores me. I need to jazz it up a bit. So I decided to work on this one instead:


These are a collection of blocks I received in a block swap a couple of years ago. I saw this great setting when we were in the US in September, so thought I would use it for these blocks. I bought the fabric while I was there. It is currently in strips and I’m going to quilt it that way and then join the strips. I may even hand quilt it. I’ve been trying to get hold of some Valdani threads to do it with. I had a bit of dialogue with someone who was going to put a collection together for me, but it seems to have fizzled out. they seem to be hard to get in the UK.

6. I started work on putting together a fabric book of embroidery designs I’ve done over the years which I really don’t know what to do with – I want to finish this. Here are the pages I’ve done so far:

Pages 1,2

Pages 3 4Pages 5 6

pages 7 8

I managed to get photos of the knitted dollies I made for the grandchildren at Christmas – Betty, Sam and Monster no. 2.

Betty  Sam  Monster 2

I’ve made an awful lot of storage baskets – which are being put to very good use. Here are 6 that I made for my wardrobe


And the last 2 of many project storage baskets

2 baskets

There’s more yet, but I’ll end this here otherwise I’ll go on and on. I’ll post some knit and crochet pictures tomorrow…



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