13th December 2016

Well, it’s quite some time since I posted anything here. That’s mainly because it’s taken me the best part of the year to make one quilt. My sister-in-law saw a picture of said quilt, fell in love with it and asked me to make her one just like it. The quilt is completely reversible and has scalloped edges so it has taken me 7-8 months from working out how to do it, then work out the best sizes to cut to make blocks in a size suitable for a 7′ square quilt, collect the fabrics (more than 90 of them, all batiks, sourced mainly from Hannah’s Room), and then make the quilt.

There are 144 blocks done in the Japanese Folded Patchwork technique. This technique is achieved by making a circle of fabric with a turned raw edge, then wrap this circle around a square of fabric and wadding. Except that my circles needed to have 4 fabrics in each one, so the starting point was 4 triangles to make a square and the circle was cut from the square. The scalloped edge had to be worked a little differently. I just made wadded circles (still starting with the 4 triangles) and folded in as many edges as necessary – 3 edges for the sides and 2 for the corners.

I think the end result is quite stunning, even if I do say so myself. I can’t take complete credit for it though, because the inspiration was the original picture – and, try as I might, I have not been able to find where that came from or who the maker was.

Helen’s Quilt:



I was finished around the end of September but then had visitors all through October and into November so that left me with just a few short weeks starting November 7th to complete the quilt for our latest, just-born little grandson, Kit. I had to be finished before we fly to the UK on December 20th. After going at it flat out I was done in just 5 weeks. And it has a pieced back as well because I didn’t have a piece of fabric big enough to back it except for plain calico – and I didn’t want that. And not enough time to shop for or order anything either!

Kit’s Quilt:


And the back:


And last but not least, I do a birthday card 8″ square each year for my daughters – always based on their initial.

This is Natalie’s 2016 card. All hand embroidered. This time instead of decorating the letter, I wanted to decorate around the letter and leave it to stand out plain in the middle of the card. It’s a bit like embroidered zentangle I think:







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