5th April 2017

So the blog is continuing in quite a different vein from today. Travelling has taken over from sewing for a little while – although I do intend to get at least some stitching in at some point!

We arrived at our first stop around 4pm on Wednesday the 5th April. We are in Lancaster in a lovely house called Ashrigg owned by the Brooks family. We are here for a week and have quite a few places that we want to see – whether or not we get to them all remains to be seen.  Our family is coming up to join us on Friday, so we’ll have a busy weekend with them.

Here are a few photos of things so far:

1 Front of Ashrigg

Front of the house. The house is down a narrow country lane and you feel as though you are really out in the sticks, but it’s only about 5 minutes from the M6! There are lovely walks and cycle paths around. The local pub (which would have been perfect) is closed for refurbishment, but there is a social club where everybody is welcome, that we haven’t yet been into.

Ashrigg Garden 1 A tiny part of the very pretty garden. It’ a long time since we saw so many daffodils and spring flowers in one place. You don’t see them so much in Spain unless someone you know has happened to plant a little of them.

Outside Dining Ashrigg The outside dining area looking into the indoor dining room. Another set of glass doors the same size as these look out over the rest of the garden. Been here less than 24 hours as I type but we have lived in this room, looking out over this view – it’s so lovely.

Ashrigg Garen 2

Another pretty feature in the garden. It’s all very creatively done. Catherine, I know you would love to get your hands dirty in this garden. You’d be in your element….

Ashrigg Garden 3The pond

Back of house 3

And a view of the back of the house from the garden:


And this gorgeous Acer in glorious colour.

River Lune

The River Lune is just at the end of the road. There’s a bit of information about the area that I haven’t quite taken in yet, but it seems the land from  old railway station and line (now disused) has been developed into walks and cycle paths for the local community. It all looks very pretty, so more about that when we’ve had time to investigate. Does he look cold? There’s a bit of a difference in temperature to what we are used to…


One thought on “5th April 2017

  1. Glad to see that things are going well for you. Enjoy the area – it looks gorgeous. Keep a sketchbook of inspiration and I look forward to travelling along with you. x

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