9th April 2017

As planned, Friday arrived and so did the family – 2 daughters, 2 sons-in-law and 3 grandchildren – the oldest being just 2 and a quarter. Two cars full of people, toys, nappies, bottles, prams, travel cots and all the paraphernalia you need with small children.

The weather was glorious – the best weekend of the year so far according to the weather forecast and we certainly took advantage of it. Friday was Play Day both in the garden and at Lancaster Leisure Park where all 3 children had a wonderful time and wore themselves out so that the adults could enjoy a nice dinner and a glass or several of something alcoholic.

Anaya Lucas Slide (2)  Kit

Saturday dawned warm and sunny – perfect for our plans to go to Morecambe Beach.

M Beach 1 A general view of the beach

M Beach 2 I didn’t know people still did this…


This is a metal sculpture of the mountains and hills of the lake district across the bay as seen from Morecambe Promenade.

M Beach 5 The Clock Tower

M Beach 7 And you definitely can’t go to Morecambe in the sunshine without singing along with Eric, can you?

M Beach 6

No day at the beach is complete without an ice cream…

M Beach 8

…a paddle with Grandad (who made sure he didn’t get his feet wet – that sea was COLD!)…

M Beach 9

….a ride on your bike…..

M Beach 10 (2)

…or the discovery of your own tiny island.

Once home, the children played in the garden, Anaya helped water the plants and everybody climbed the hill at the back of the house before eating outside in the sunshine (I had hoped we’d get a chance to sit at that table) and then cheering our horses on in the Grand National. Only 1 place amongst us and that was for Graham.

Saturday 2  Saturday 1

Now to collapse and recover ourselves a bit…


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