10th April 2017

Had a better look around Lancaster today after a couple of brief sorties in and out. Had a read up before we went out on what to see and someone on Trip Advisor recommended going to the Museum before the Castle as it gives you quite a bit of insight on its history. So, Museum was our intended first stop. Anybody who knows us will know that we have a reputation for turning up to places when they are closed – and today was no exception….we were there on a Monday…have to laugh, don’t you?


Never mind, off we went to the castle, which was very interesting. The site has been in use since Roman times. The Normans developed and improved on the Roman ruins. Owned by the monarch with revenues going to the Duke of Lancaster (currently the Queen), It has been a courthouse, a training centre for police and a prison. Opened to the public for the first time in all that long history in 2013.

Castle 1        Castle 2

Castle 3

Prison notice

He went in (2) He went in…..

And came straight back out again! came out


Judges' Lodge The judges’ lodge

Customs House The Customs House – now the Maritime Museum – and very interesting it is too. Well worth a visit. We learnt loads about the area that we just weren’t aware of.

After being in Morecambe it was interesting to spot these 2 posters advertising Morecambe and Heysham for holidays. I didn’t quite get the part I liked best which was the request to send a 5d or 6d stamp for information. It’s in the small print at the bottom.

Poster1  Poster2


The Millenium Bridge across the River Lune

And now for a few quirky bits – I loved these windows in Waterstones:

004 (2)

005 (2)

And a couple of funny street names:

Nip Hill

Slip Inn Lane

And a quaint pub with a castle connection





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