20th April 2017

Welcome to Ranelagh

We arrived in Ranelagh, just outside Dublin city around 6pm on the 19th (yesterday). We’d set off around 11 am to drive Enda’s car back to Belfast airport for him to collect on his return. That took us around 2 hours. From Belfast International we got on a bus into Belfast centre which took 40 minutes-ish and from the bus station there, we took another bus to O’Connell Street in Dublin. From here we could have got the local no.11 bus to the stop just around the corner from our next stop which is Betty’s house in Ranelagh, Dublin 6. We’d just missed one as we arrived, but we thought with cases, that a taxi would be easier – which is what we did.

We arrived tired and hungry and ready for a drink, so we let ourselves in, had a quick look around and headed for the nearest hostelry – of which there are many!! This area is a little hotspot of pubs, bars, restaurants, patisseries, coffee shops – there must be 20+ – maybe up to 30 in a very short distance. Mind you, it’s not cheap here. We stopped for a drink before we ate – 2 pints of Heineken, 2 gins and 1 very small bottle of tonic set us back nearly 27 euros!! We can get a 5 course meal in Santiago’s for E19.95!! Found a very nice little Italian though that did 2 courses for 19.95 – lovely little place with good food and, like everywhere we’ve been here, very friendly people. Falling over themselves to give us tips for where to go and what to see. Came back here, fell into bed and slept like the dead.

Got up with renewed energy this morning to unpack and have a proper look around. Betty’s house is an Edwardian terrace with lovely big rooms and high ceilings:

Front  Front of house

Living RoomLiving room – Graham has found a spot where he can use his laptop

Kitchen 2Kitchen

Kitchen Dining area in the kitchen…..

……that looks out on to the pretty back garden



There’s lots of writing around – and I get the impression that Betty might be a writer herself as there are some awards around the place. Here are some I particularly like:

Powerful quote


Cradle SongYeats

And some interesting textile art:

textile 1  textile 3textile 2I think this one might be Kantha embroidery. The colours are much more vibrant than they look here and the whole is very densely stitched with lots of Shisha mirrors.

We stayed local today – did some shopping and found a fabulous butcher who does his meats in a variety of sauces – we’ll definitely be back there. Then had a walk around the local area.

We went to Herbert Park which was the site of the famous Dublin International Trades Exhibition of 1907 which housed exhibits of the British Empire – including a complete Somalian village. The existing duckpond was the site of the Canadian waterchute which cost £2,000 to build but was so popular it took in £7,000 in receipts from rides

SwanA beautiful swan that was on the duck pond today.

Prior to the exhibition, the land was also the site of the Donnybrook fair dating back to 1204 and the ground was also used at one time as a bleaching area for calico that was produced locally.

Tulip Beds

Tulip beds in the park


And a tree just perfect for climbing….if you’re fit enough!!

The park is overlooked by the Herbert Hotel and just the other side of that is the River Dodder which we walked along. We saw this interesting sculpture just outside the hotel. It is called Who Made the World and is by Cliodna Cussen.

Who made the world Cliodna Cussen



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