25th April 2017

033 (2)

Went to Dun Laoghaire today which is just outside Dublin on the coast. It looked like it might be a reasonable day, but that had changed by the time we got there. The thing to do at Dun Laoghaire is walk the piers, which would be lovely on a summers day with an ice cream in your hand, but there was a biting, icy wind blowing with rain that felt as sharp as needles hitting your face, so that didn’t seem like the greatest idea!! This pretty gazebo was the nearest we got to the coast. So, we though we’d head into the town instead where it may be a bit more sheltered.

Came to the library which was lovely, (and warm) with a beautiful square outside.


Square 2

Then a bit further on we saw a little notice for the Irish Design Gallery:

Gallery poster

That looks interesting, we thought…. open 7 days. Just the ticket. And there was the gallery right in front of us:

Irish Gallery

But as we approached, a guy in white overalls came out and then we saw this:

Gallery Closed

We were literally crying laughing. Not another one!! The guys painting inside thought we’d gone mad. Took me ages to hold the camera still enough to get the photo!

So, we gave up and went to the pictures. Saw a film called Their Finest – we chose it because it started 10 minutes later, but it was a really good film. We both enjoyed it. Just as we were going in to the cinema though, the hail had started. Boy, were we glad to get inside!



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