26th April 2017

This is Wednesday and our last sightseeing day in Dublin. Thursday and Friday we are going to stay home and chill out a bit (apt words in this weather!) and get ready for moving on. Do a bit of washing, packing, tidying etc. Next stop Norfolk.

The plan was to do the Guinness Storehouse in the morning, have lunch and then do the Dublin walking tour in the afternoon. Guinness was interesting. The process is very similar to distilling whiskey, but with the addition of hops and minus the the distilling process. I’d never actually seen hops growing before so that was interesting in itself. The tour was self-guided, but very well done. The photos aren’t great because it’s a bit dark inside.

The area that the brewery occupies is huge – 55 acres! And they have a 9,000 year lease, so it sounds like they intend to make a lot more Guinness. Here are some photos from the tour:


001 (8)

002 (7)Important ingredient – mountain water

Guinness Festival Clock

The Guinness Festival clock

006 (6)Not everything in black and white makes sense

Pint of Guinness sculpture

And we drank the obligatory pint of Guinness (well. I cheated and had a half) up in the Gravity Bar which has a 360 degree view of Dublin from 7 floors up. Some pics from the bar:

Gravity Bar 1Gravity Bar 2Gravity Bar 3

Went to track down some lunch after that. We just missed the bus by seconds, so decided we’d walk rather than wait 20 minutes in the cold – really too cold to be standing about. So we walked most of the way and then spotted a bus waiting to turn at the end of a street. He kindly let us on and we only had to go a couple of stops to where we wanted to eat.

There were a couple of Guinness adverts in the restaurant:

Unbeknown to us, a party of 14 had arrived in the restaurant just before us and placed their order, so our meal was a seriously long time arriving which meant that we missed the  walking tour. It started at 3 and our meal didn’t arrive until five past! By this time it was raining as well as cold, so maybe that wasn’t too bad.

Instead we set off to find the Swarovski shop – I’d checked on Google before leaving that there was one in Dublin and made a note of the address. We found it without too much trouble but when we got there, we saw this:


Can’t believe it, can you?

Gave up and came home at that point. Finished the day with a steak and a bottle of red at Dillinger’s. Much needed, believe me.




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