2nd May 2017

We have now passed through 5 airports – Malaga, Liverpool, Belfast international, Dublin and Stansted and driven 4 different cars. Not done any train journeys yet, but we travelled from Belfast airport to Dublin by bus and then the same bus back to Dublin airport.

So here we are now in David and Tabi’s house in Ashwellthorpe (near Norwich), Norfolk. This is Tuesday and we arrived mid-afternoon on Saturday. David collected us from the airport, brought us to the house and showed us around. Tabi acts in the local am dram group, so she was performing a Saturday matinee when we arrived. Once finished, she cooked us a lovely meal and then we went off with both of them to see the evening performance…

Play Poster

…which was excellent. Very well acted and gave us a good laugh. We were pretty exhausted though by the time the day was over. Fell into bed. Had a chill out Sunday. Monday rained (typical British bank holiday), but we got some shopping in and then continued with the R&R.

Finally got the energy to take some photos today, so here are some of the house – which is another lovely property. We’re here 2 weeks, so I hope the weather picks up as there is a beautiful garden with lots of different parts and a water feature to die for! Just the spot for an evening gin and tonic I am reliable informed! Why is it still so flippin’ cold? It’s May!

2 pictures of the front of the house:



Living Room:

Living Room

The back of the house:

Back of house

And the garden:






We also have 3 cats to look after (Graham has to do that bit). Biesel, Dexy and Cassie in that order:

And 2 baby barn owls that I haven’t managed to photograph yet! The barn owls need to be fed with mice and day old chicks – which are all stacked up in the freezer!! Graham has to do that bit as well! I’ll try and get a photo of them before we leave.

David is a painter and his work is all around the house. Kladovski is his brush name and his work is very impressive. Here are a few of my favourites:

painting3Painting2Painting 1










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