22nd May 2017

Visited Dunham Massey today. Another one I never got around to when I lived in the area. Lovely house – very authentic. It’s pretty much as it was left when the last owner died and left it to the nation. This was because he had no male heirs and death duties would probably have meant the break up of the estate. Everything in the house belongs there. Some items – particularly the silverware – have been traced and brought back, but there is nothing in there that doesn’t belong.

At the time we were there, there was an exhibition telling something about the life of the 7th earl – who had a knack for choosing women that were not acceptable to society at the time. The first was a servant’s daughter whom he met whilst at Cambridge university and the second was a former circus performer!

There has been a building on the site since Norman times, so there’s a lot of history there.

The house:


The deer which roam freely outside.

I didn’t take many photos inside the house but thought this chandelier in the dining room was wonderful:


The Fountain


A sculpture


500 year old tree…

500 yr tree

Some tangled trees…

Tangled Trees

And a handkerchief tree:

Handkerchief Tree

The swans – the female on her nest and the male grooming himself:

The cottages below are tied cottages occupied by staff members. The one on the left of the picture was the chauffeurs cottage – his youngest daughter, Dorothy, continued to live in it until 1998.

Davenport Cottage

The dog kennels – would probably house 2 families comfortably!

Dog Kennels

We finished the day with a meal in the new pub/restaurant in Runcorn – The Ten Lock Flight (something to do with locks on canals maybe?) and the cinema – Alien Covenant.


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