4th June 2017

Home exchange number 6 is in Kempston, Bedford. We arrived feeling pretty tired late on Thursday night (June 1st) and we’re here until the 23rd. Our time in Runcorn was busy, busy, busy. Every spare minute spent with family and grandchildren. Our time with them is limited so we made the most of every moment – hence not much in the way of blog updates for that period. If I had the time, I didn’t have the energy and if I had the energy I was doing something else!! Had a great time with everybody and we’ll be back there in July.

We did manage to revisit Speke Hall while there. I can’t remember the last time we went. I do remember going by bus with a friend when I was about 15 or 16 (it was a very long walk from the bus stop!!) and we walked around the gardens with Grahams Mum and Dad when Jenni was a baby, but other than that…it’s the old adage; if it’s on your doorstep, you don’t do it.

Speke Hall

Speke Hall

It’s a lovely old place – I’d forgotten how much charm it has. The 2 big trees in the courtyard known as Adam and Eve estimated to be around 500 years old. Curious features such as the Priest’s Hole and the Eavesdrop where a maid would look and listen to make sure whoever was at the door was welcome.

We listened to a fascinating talk on the mores and morals of a Georgian gentleman when in London. The heiress married one such gentleman who spent a lot of time in London. Gentlemen those days could buy a book which listed the addresses, skills and talents, and prices of the current ‘ladies of the night’. The ‘ladies’ themselves were referred to merely as Miss S or Miss A. Can you imagine? It had it’s downside though as they were all pox-ridden and syphilis was rife! The symptoms of which you don’t really want to think about.

Spent a lot of time with these 3 – Anaya, Kit and Lucas in that order:

And now here we are in David and Ellie’s house in Bedford:



We arrived by train on Thursday night – easy journey. Runcorn to Crewe and then the Milton Keynes train from the same platform. Only took just over 2 hours. Then a taxi from Milton Keynes station to the house. Friday was shopping and unpacking and getting ourselves organised. It was also our anniversary (38 years) and David had recommended us some restaurants. We chose a Thai and there was a lovely old pub over the road – The Flower Pot – that had live music, so we returned there after the meal and had a great night.

Saturday and Sunday have been chill out days. A bit of time to take a breath and catch up with ourselves. Lots of places to go and things to see around here, so we have a list….

And finally – a happy 2nd birthday to Lucas who has gone to Gulliver’s World today with family and friends.







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