24th June 2017

The flat we are in here is a top storey, corner flat. Light and bright with windows to two walls in the living room. The building used to be industrial – workshops and maintenance depot for the Glasgow Corporation Gas Department and is a category B Historic Scotland Building. Because it is on the top floor we have 48 steps to come up to reach the front door! That’ll keep us fit. Here are some pics of the apartment:

Living roomLiving room




viewView from living room window

There’s certainly a big difference in temperature here. We had 34 degrees in Bedford, it’s down to 13 here – and now raining as well. Bit of a shock to the system…

We went for a walk around today and I took some general shots of the city:

City 1City 2The old and the new side by side.       Can you spot Graham?


Who did that to Wellington? Must have been a good night out…


City 5There’s Graham again being a tourist…

City 8

City 9

City 10This one made us feel at home


City 12



Mercury…..you can leave your hat on..

Anybody got a spare sewing machine?





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