I have set up this blog to act as a personal diary of the multitude of projects I am currently working on, intending to work on and dream of achieving. Since retiring from the UK to Spain in 2011 with the intention of indulging myself in all things to do with needle and thread, my enthusiasm has known no bounds and I find that I have deluged myself with countless projects, group memberships, stitch-alongs and courses – all of which I intend to complete and learn something from.

I was brought up knitting from an early age and then in my teens began to embroider.  Dressmaking followed with the purchase of a sewing machine with money I was given for my 21st birthday – then the embroidery was added to the dressmaking to embellish pockets, collars and cuffs. The birth of my first daughter 30 years ago started me on quilting – which took over my life! Dozens of quilts and many years later, a new manager at work introduced me to cross stitch which led me to canvas work and needlepoint – all this while working full time and bringing up 2 daughters! Then the job disappeared and I opened a quilting business, selling quilting fabrics and tools and also teaching beginners courses to ‘share the pleasure’ (to quote the Quilters Guild of the British Isles).

Now here I am in stitching heaven still not finding enough hours in the day to do as much as I want so I hope you enjoy watching my progress and maybe one of the things I share will spark something off for you too….



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